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Valuable performance coaching and support in strategic planning, transformational management for business owners.

Just how confident and effective do you feel when it comes to:

  • establishing the right vision and values for your business?

  • adapting your strategies to secure future business growth?

  • managing transformation and its inherent challenges?

  • motivating your workforce to perform more effectively amidst change?

The way you lead and manage your business has a significant impact on the work of your organization and the results it produces.

Large scale companies and SMEs alike are constantly facing the need to adapt at an ever-increasing rate to survive and stay successful. At the same time flatter business structures are evolving, putting even greater emphasis on an individual’s working environment at every level – and most especially at senior levels.

3 MONTH PROGRAMME (6 Sessions)

At Strada Innovation we will work with you to identify and establish the direction your business truly needs and most importantly, ensure that it is communicated, understood and acted on by everyone in your organisation.

1. Business strategy coaching.

Our programmes ensure that you, the business owner, leader or responsible professional within your organisation is able to understand and deal with the pressure points in a positive way. They do this by enabling you to win clarity about the real crux of your business and by helping you to define aims and strategies effectively.

2. Performance coaching for key individuals in your business.

Our coaching programmes can support your managers and professionals through business restructuring or change in your company strategies, to maximise their motivation and performance and make a huge difference to your business.

3. Team performance coaching.

Working as a ‘Team for Performance’ is about helping individuals in your business work as a cohesive, effective unit. Our coaching programmes encourage mutual understanding and support even when project teams are evolving and dissolving quickly as environments change rapidly. Team performance coaching raises the game and lays out the territory for success, by helping build communicative and congruent teams.

Benefits of business coaching:

  • Clarity regarding what you want from your business / career

  • Exploration of options and opportunities

  • Identification of priorities

  • Identification of obstacles and barriers

  • Definition of action strategies and plans

  • Effective and achievable goal setting

  • A constant measure for your progress

  • Ongoing motivation and focus


A condensed yet thorough coaching programme with plenty of focus to make a real difference to your business.  This strategy day can take place either online or at a location of your choice. 

Suitable for: SMEs and newly formed businesses


All information is treated as strictly confidential whether it is business or personal.

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