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Coaching is based on the fundamental belief that the client is essentially able and has

all the answers within them.  Sometimes with the stresses of busy modern day life,

the way forward becomes foggy and unclear. Essentially, coaching is about managing

and facilitating change, growth & transformation.  The relationship between the coach

and client is a partnership of two equals, both committed to working through this

process of change.

Coaching approach and style

My role as coach is to help unlock your potential, reinforce your strengths and deal with negative

beliefs, all with the aim of providing greater clarity for the way forward and maximising performance

to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Looking to stay ahead in business and in life?

By working together we can bring real clarity to your business planning and professional growth and enable you to reappraise, re-energise and make measurable progress along a positive path.

My coaching style is impactful, action-focussed and pragmatic and produces tangible results that will

help you to:

  • Clarify what you want from your life, business and/or career

  • Create a designed alliance for business partners

  • Identify obstacles and blocks

  • Set effective and achievable goals

  • Explore options and opportunities

  • Identify priorities

  • Define action strategies and plans

  • Evaluate progress

  • Stay motivated and focused

Coaching programme

This coaching programme consists of a half-hour coaching call prior to a full one-day coaching programme, with a further one-hour completion call after two weeks.

The coaching programme can take place virtually or at a location of your choice.

Additional support is also available online or by phone throughout the programme.

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